Holland Patent Elementary Tech Class


I am trying something new to communicate with parents and teachers. I think trying to find my old web page is a bit cumbersome with 4 clicks after you log onto the main school page.That doesn't sound bad until I try to write all the steps down. Then once you're there I have so many different pages it's hard to know where to go! So, one of my goals with this site is simplification. I want to let you know what's happening in the lab and show you some examples of our work.

First of all I want you to know that I love my job! It's great working with all the students. (I will admit the hardest part is learning their names.) I spend hours on the computer most evenings reading about technology and education and trying to figure out how I can best do this job. I am learning new ideas every day and am trying out a few with the students. Computers won't be going away so I am going to do my best to make sure I do all that I can to prepare them for their future.

I'm trying to make the work we do meaningful.
Here is a book the Kindergartners made recently. First they learned how to use a digital camera. Then they took photographs of circles, shapes and triangles. I selected some of the photos for a book. I put the photos in a document for our SMARTboard. Then students from each class had a chance to come up to the board and circle a shape and write the sentence I see a... Then the student clicked on the correct shape word and dragged it to the end of the sentence. Finally they added a period to the end of the sentence. Our final book was added to the Shape of Things project hosted by Jen Wagner. To see work done by other students around the world click here.

The third graders have been working on a slide using PowerPoint to tell about one character education trait for a long time. We are finally finished and here are the winning slides from each trait.

Here are some examples of graphic organizers the fourth graders completed while learning about animal groups in science. As you can see they had some creative ways of showing what they learned.




The fifth graders made an organizer showing what they knew about vertebrates and invertebrates.

There was a hyper link to a website for online help.


The third graders have been busy working on posters showing what they know about character ed traits. This is the graphic organizer they used to get stated. I'll be posting their completed projects soon.


This is a book that the kindergarten classes did in December. The pages were done using Kidspiration2.

I only put one class book on Photostory3.

The second grades are working on biographies and the first graders are working on autobiographies. I'll be posting their finished products once everyone's story is complete.