Potato Hill Farm

Google Maps

4th Graders started out the year writing about
something fun regarding their summer using a Google Map.

The students learned how to:

  • manuver around in a Google map
  • add and change a placemarker
  • write a description using Rich Text

The children had an opportunity to go back and check their work for:
  • correct use of capital letters and punctuation
  • complete descriptive sentences
  • using Rich Text
  • correct placement of place marker

I did got back and edit any work for them or have them fix any errors that they missed.

Have fun exploring our map!


Our second project was responding to a question on a Voki. Since this was our first experience I just asked a simple question. Then the students clicked on comment and got a chance to make their own Voki avatar to answer the question. They had a choice to type their answer or record it. We will do this again in the future. It's a way for the children to work on oral fluency if they record their voice. They also discovered spelling errors when they typed their response because the words were mispronounced. I learned that many people can comment to a Voki but at this point I can only go back and edit the first 22 comments so now I'll be making a diffferent Voki for each class.

Mrs. Clarkin's Class
Ms. Dicesare's Class
Mrs. Aubry's Class

Get a Voki now!

Mrs. Saraceno's Class

Get a Voki now!

Mrs. Hasenauer's Class

Get a Voki now!

Mrs. Nichols' Class