How Insert an Excel Graph into Word

  1. Go to Excel and open Olympic Graph
  2. Click on the graph and then click on the copy icon
  3. Minimize Excel
  4. Open Word
  5. Click on the Paste Icon
  6. If it looks like your document is in Landscape View go to File-Page Set Up and change it to Portrait.
  7. Click under your graph
  8. Write a question about your graph. Think about the types of questions you answer in math class. Don’t forget capitals and punctuation marks.
  9. Press Enter and write a second question.
  10. Press Enter and write a third question.
  11. Highlight your 3 questions.
  12. Click on the 123 icon to number the questions
  13. Keep it highlighted and go to Format-Paragraph-Line Spacing and click on Double
  14. Go to View and click on Header/Footer.
  15. Go to the bottom of the page and type your first name in the Footer.
  16. Then click the close box.
  17. Click on the Save icon and save it with your first name and Olympic Graph
  18. Click on the Print Icon ONE TIME.
  19. Close Word and Excel


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