Review of Internet Safety Rules using Comix

Throughout last year we talked about a variety of internet safety rules. This year we began the year with a review of the rules and then each child made a comic strip talking about at least one rule using the website Comix. Not only did it have to show a rule it also had to be done correctly with complete sentences, puncuation and capital letters had to be used properly, and common words had to be spelled correctly. On average two students per class did it correctly the first time. The unfortunate part is that the comics can't be saved for later editing so to fix the errors the children had to redo the whole strip.

To save the strip to put on this web page the children were introduced to many skills such as how to:

do a Print Screen
paste the print screen in Paint-edit paste or ctrl+P
select just the comic strip and copy it
get a new page and paste the comic to it
resize the Paint page to fit the comic
how to save it as a JPEG

Mrs. Morrison
Mrs. Heiser
Mrs. Schreppel
Mrs. Curtis
Mrs. Lapham
Mr. Pisani