-Decide on an internet safety rule that we talked about last year to feature in your Comix.

Click on the Comix above to go to the website to get started.

Your Comix will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Clearly explains an internet safety rule.
  • Title has capital letters used correctly.
  • Your initials are used instead of your name.
  • All sentences begin with capital letters.
  • All sentences end with correct punctuation.
  • Words are spelled correctly.


When you are finished you will:
  1. Print 1 copy
  2. Press Print Screen on your keyboard-(top right corner)
  3. Minimize the webpage
  4. Open Paint
  5. Press Ctrl V to paste your comix on the page.
  6. Then save the file in your folder with your initials and the word comix
  7. If you run out of time to copy it and put it in paint email it to me: nisenberg@hpschools.org