1. Winter Clothes
  2. Fall
  3. Computer
  4. Friends
  5. Starfall

  6. Getting Along
  7. Curious George
  8. Numbers
  9. Letters

  10. Christmas


  1. Build Yourself Wild Design your own avatar combining human and animal parts!


  1. Scary Spuds
  2. Collaborative Page


  1. Decorate a Gingerbread Cookie
  2. Design Your Own Gingerbread House
  3. Buy Ornaments for the Tree-Multiplication-2,5-10
  4. Christmas Tree
  5. Design a Christmas Tree
  6. North Pole Activities
  7. Winter Wonderland
  8. Carve a Pumpkin
  9. Thanksgiving

Internet Safety

  1. NetSmartz

Keyboard Practice

  1. Marcelino's Letters This is good for Kindergarten and First Graders
  2. Key Seekers Another good site for Kindergarten and First Grade
  3. Keyboarding Game Another good site for Kindergarten and First Grade
  4. Dance Mat
  5. Keyboard Challenge Pretend your keyboard fell apart. Can you put it back together?
  6. Fish Bowl
  7. Type Type Revolution

Language Arts

  • Alphabet

  1. Literacy Center Practice letter/number/color/shape recognition.
  2. Memory Match lowercase and uppercase letters. No sound.
  3. Alphabet Matching Zoo
  4. ABC Order Put the whole alphabet back in correct order.
  5. Animal Alphabet Mouse over a letter and guess what animal would make that sound, click on the letter and see the animal name change into the animal.
  6. Word WorldPBS site for alphabet practice.
  • Phonemic Awareness

  1. Alphabet Matching at Big Comfy Couch Click on the ball to get to the games section. Click on the letter to play a letter matching game. Hear letter name and sound.
  2. Alphabet Sounds When you click on the letters across the top, you have a choice of listening to the letter name, listening to the sound, or learning how to write the letter.
  3. Starfall Letters and Sounds Listen as the computer tells you the name, sound and examples of words that begin with the letter.
  4. Matching Match words that have the same beginning sounds.
  5. Match Blends to Pictures Memory Game
  6. Monkey in the Tree Match the sound to the correct letter.
  7. Chicken Coop Find words that begin with the same sound. Good directions for students.
  8. Starfall Word Games and Stories Build CVC words.
  9. Fuzzy Lion Ears Fill in a missing letter to make a word.
  10. Clifford Fill in the missing vowels to make words.
  11. Blender Blend Beginning and end sounds to make words.
  12. Poetry with Vowel Blends Hear, read and complete poems.
  13. Beginning Sounds Click on the consonant digraph that matches each picture.
  14. Vowel Sounds Click on the vowel digraph that matches each picture.
  15. Pounce Listen to a word then pounce on the written word.
  16. Compound Words Learn about compound words through an interactive cartoon activity.
  17. Build a Word Combine beginning letters and ending chunks to make words. No auditory help.

  • Rhyming Words

  1. Match the Rhyming Pictures The site provides good support.
  2. Matching Rhyming Pictures Words are included.
  3. Rhyme Time Work on rhymes with an interactive cartoon.

  • On Line Books

  1. Looky Book
  2. Reading Is Fundamental Reading Is Fundamental2 Listen to a story. Includes favorites such as the Snowy Day and Brown Bear Brown Bear.
  3. Sing Along Stories Nursery Rhymes These are from Reading is Fundamental as well.
  4. Literactive-To use this site you have to register. It only takes a few minutes. When you get to the main page click on Road to Reading for some great activities for beginning and early readers.
  5. The following Nursery Rhymes and Leveled Stories are all from this site.
  6. Nursery Rhymes1 Nursery Rhymes2 Listen to a nursery rhyme and then complete activities such as sequence the rhyme with pictures or match letters to spell words.
  7. Level 1 10 Stories-Predictable, Repetitive Text
  8. Level 2 Repetitive Text
  9. Level 3 Repetitive Text-Longer Story
  10. Level 4 Limited Repetition
  11. Level 5 High Frequency Words
  12. Starfall
  13. Online Stories Listen to stories. Good for Kdg and first grade.
  14. Kids Club More online stories to listen to. Primary Grades
  15. Tumble Books
  16. Read and Write with Clifford
  17. Number and Letter Practice
  18. What am I? Read these riddles to figure out who is talking.
  19. Pup's Supper Listen to the story

  • Poetry

  1. Giggle Poetry Poems arranged by themes.
  2. Poems by Themes The larger the word the more poems in that theme.
  3. Poetry Idea Machine Lean about different types of poetry and practice writing some poems.
  4. Magnetic Poetry Move magnetic words or phrases around to write your own poem or read poems written by other students.

  • Reading Comprehension

  1. Into the Book Learn about and practice reading strategies.
  2. Childtopia Either read or listen to stories and then take a quiz. Primary Grades.
  3. Stone Fox
  • Spelling

  1. Spelling City A place to practice your spelling words.
  2. Spelling Game Put the letters in correct order to spell a given word.
  3. Long Vowels Create words by finding the missing vowel blends.
  4. Spelling Matching Game Match vowels to a word. K-5
  5. Spell a Word Fun site from Kerpoof

  • Writing

  1. Trading Cards


  1. Sorting and Classifying Sort and classify zoo animals.
  2. Simple Patterns
  3. Simple Shape Matching
  4. Sort Triangles
  5. 3D Shapes Good for introduction to 3D shapes. Match shapes
  6. Shape Match Match shapes to real objects.
  7. Rain Forest Math
  8. Create a Graph
  9. Math Magician Practice basic facts-addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division in a timed format.
  10. Coordinates Feed the bug by finding the correct coordinates.
  11. More Coordinates Find the aliens. This activity includes negative numbers.
  12. Even More Coordinates Three levels to choose from,click on the correct answer.
  13. Area and Permimeter Measure the area or perimeter of a rectangle. Four levels of difficulty.
  14. Tutpup Practice math facts against another person.
  15. Telling Time
  16. Everyday Math Resources 4th Grade
  17. Multiplication
  18. Brainormous Multiplication
  19. Counting Money Count pennies, nickels and dimes
  20. Money Three levels of play. Count out money and make change
  21. Cash Out Players give change. Easy if done with hints difficult if done without hints.
  22. Rulers Practice reading a ruler-whole numbers, halves, quarters, eights, and sixteenths
  23. IXL Math Great site for practicing many skills. Arranged by grade level.

Movie Maker

How to Edit Clips


  1. Pics4Learning Free pictures for educational use. Credit: Photo curtesy of Photographers Name and
  2. Edupics Free pictures and drawing for educational use. Credit: Photo curtesy of
  3. Photos8 Free photos by one photographer. Credit: Photo curtesy of
  4. National Parks Credit:Photo curtesy of National Park Service
  5. Nature Photos Credit: Photo curtesy of Nature
  6. Smithsonian Free digital pictures for educational use. Credit: Photo curtesy of Photographers name and Smithsonian Institute.


  1. Recording Tips
  2. Editing and Exporting a Recording

Search Engines

  1. Nettrekker


  1. Using ElectricitySimple circuit activity and quiz.
  2. Simple Circuit Add a battery, buzzer, light, or propeller to a simple circuit.
  3. 3rd Grade Science Page
  4. Volcano
  5. Pompeii Video
  6. Earthquakes
  7. Earthquakes
  8. Ology
  9. BBC Byte Size 9-10
  • Animals

  1. Animal Quizzes
  2. Coral Reef Fish Click here to see the different says that coral reef fish eat.
  3. Deep Sea Memory Game
  4. Movie Maker
  5. Owl Pellets
  6. Research Read facts, see photos, and listen to a video.
  7. Critter Cams Take a virtual trip to the arctic, Antarctica, or the deep sea and look for a variety of animals.
  8. ResearchEnhanted Learning Site
  9. Arctic Animals
  10. Arctic Animal Quiz

  • Electricity

  1. Learning Circuits
  • Motion and Forces

  1. McMillian Lesson 1
  2. McMillian Lesson 2 Forces
  3. Quiz

  • Plants

  1. Why Do Leaves Change Color? Listen to the story to find out why.
  2. Plants and Seeds
  3. Great Plant Escape
  4. Plant Parts
  5. Life Cycle of Plants
  • Planets/Stars

  1. Amazing Space
  2. Earth Moon Match Up
  3. Earth Sun and Moon
  4. Kid's Astronomy
  5. Kid's Space
  6. Moon Order Phases Activity
  7. Moon Phases Movie
  8. Moon Phase Simulation
  9. NASA for Kids
  10. Nine Planets
  11. Planets
  12. Planets
  13. Solar System
  14. Windows to the Universe
  15. Your Weight on Other Planets
  • Rocks

  1. Interactive Rock Cycle
  2. Interactives-The Rock Cycle
  3. Mineralolgy 4 Kids
  4. Rocks
  • Simple Machines

  1. Simple MachinesPictures and descriptions of simple machines as well as a short Photostory3 movie.
  2. Simple Machines Edheads activities
  3. Simple Machines A story about Simple Machines complete with videos.
  4. Macmillan Using Simple Machines
  • Snowflakes

  1. Wilson Bentley Snowflake Pictures
  2. Snowflake Collection
  3. Snow Crystal Photos
  4. Create a Flake
  5. Make a Flake

  • Trout

  1. External Anatomy
  2. Internal Anatomy

Social Studies

  1. States Click and drag states to the correct spot on the map.
  2. States and Capitals Easy to Difficult activities learning the names of the states and their capitals.
  3. States Capitals Click on a state, then click on the correct capital-you'll have 3 choices to choose from.
  4. New York Facts for 2nd Grade
  5. New York State Kidsroom
  6. Ben's Guide to the US Government for Kid
  7. White House for Kids
  8. History Stories Read or listen to short stories about FDR, A. Lincoln, G. Washington, T. Jefferson and C. Columbus.
  9. President Project
  10. American Colonization Virtual Field Trip
  • Countries

  1. Australian Animals
  • Presidents

  1. White House Kids
  2. Portrait and Description of each President
  3. Presidential Secrets
  4. Presidents of the United States
  5. Think Quest Presidents
  • State Research Sites

  1. 50 States
  2. America
  3. Class Brain
  4. Representatives
  5. U.S. Flags
  6. U.S. States
  • Geography

  1. Geography Games
  2. Latitude and Longitude
  3. Match Continents

Strategy Games

  1. Zoopz See how far you can make it with Inch Worm or Frog Jump


  1. Burton's ComputerClick on parts of a computer and learn what they are called and what they do.
  2. Katie's Computer-Several activities to learn about new and old technology and technology vocabulary.

Voice Threads

  1. States 5th Graders-Click here to upload your mp3 comments about your state.
  2. Sink or Float Young students perform an experiment with sink and float.
  3. Digital StoriesThird graders tell about places in the U.S. and Children from England explain their money.
  4. The Ocean Ask questions about the ocean and a diver will answer them.
  5. What Could it Be?
  6. Animal Habitats Kindergarten
  7. Holiday Greetings Kindergarten
  8. Picture Prompts 4th Grade