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5th Grade

Plant and Animal Cells
Mrs. Curtis' Class
Mr. Pisani's Class
Mrs. Heiser's Class
Mrs. Lapham's Class
Mr. Snyder's Class
4th Grade
The Earth's Layers

Mrs. Saraceno's Class
Mrs. Hasenauer's Class
Mrs. Aubry's Class
Ms. DiCesare's Class

Mrs. Nichols' Class

Mrs. Clarkin's Class

3rd Grade
The Life Cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly
Mrs. Knopp's Class
Mrs. Price's Class
Miss Popowski's Class
Ms. Sheehan's Class
Mrs. Dousharm's Class
Mrs. Szablewski's Class

2nd Grade Vodcast-Signs of Spring

The second graders drew pictures showing a sign of spring using Tuxpaint. The next class the students opened the picture in Paint and saved it as a JPEG. I put the pictures into GarageBand and one at a time the students recorded a sentence or two about their picture. I did the editing. While students were recording rest of the class was either free exploring the new version of Kidspiration or working in Education City. You may hear talking and laughter in the background.

Mrs. Owen's Class

First Grade Stories

In December the first grades did an author study on Eric Carle. A part of their study was to rewrite one of his books. For the art work they finger painted papers with bright colors and then used these papers to cut out small pieces to make a picture for the class book. Mr. Veri drew an outline for each page to give the students a guide. The books turned out beautifully! I was so impressed I wanted to turn them into digital stories so they could be shared with everyone! I decided to do a little experimenting and made each story using a different program. I made Mrs. Simpson's with Photostory3. The children narrated their page. I added a little Christmas music to it but it only plays on the last slide. I went back to edit that and to add a title slide but the file was corrupt and I couldn't do anymore editing. I didn't want to start over so here it is without the Cover slide and complete music.

Rudolph, Rudolph What do you See?
By Mrs. SImpson's First Graders
Dec. 2008

For Mrs. Buchanan's Story I used Windows Movie Maker. The children also narrarated their slides as well. For this one I used a program called Audacity to do the recording. By using Audacity I was able to go back and cut out the mistakes and any long pauses or ummms.

Moving Train Moving Train What do you See?
By Mrs. Buchanan's First Graders
Dec. 2008

Mrs. Yaple's class rewrote the Mixed up Chameleon. For this story I used a free program called Smilebox. The design I used only allowed 20 slides so I have written out the beginning and ending of the story and included it here;

The Mixed-Up Chameleon Story Adapted by Mrs. Yaple's First Graders
On a shiny green leaf sat a small green chameleon. It moved onto a brown tree and turned brownish. You could hardly see it. When the chameleon was hungry he sat still and waited, only moving its eyes UNTIL it spotted a fly. He quickly stuck out his tongue and caught the fly. How boring! The chameleon wished his life were different. I wish...
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The chameleon became very mixed up. All he wanted to do was catch a fly. I WISH I COULD BE MYSELF. And his wish came true. The End