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Web 2.0 Links

  1. Voice Thread
  2. Blogging in the ClassroomIt starts with a video explaining blogging. It looks like a terrific site for beginners!
  3. Web 2.0Welcome to, the social networking site for those interested in Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies in education.
  4. diigo social bookmarking site.
  5. Jake's OnlineThis site is dedicated to using the tools of the digital age to advance pedagogical practice and student learning. Please explore the Communication, Collaboration and Collection sections of this site to access 21st Century ideas, tools, and resources.
  6. Leader TalkThis is a blog for administrators. I find the postings interesting reading.
  7. VideosVideos explaining blogs, wikis, rss and other web 2.0 features in plain English.
  8. Big Huge Labs Use your own photos or photos from flickr to create trading cards, puzzles, maps, posters and more. It's free. Kids could make trading cards to use with many projects-presidents, states, story elements...I plan on using them in June to have many of the classes make one about themselves and then to hand out to their next year's teacher.


  1. What are You Doing in the Computer Lab?Great article for all teachers using the lab.
  2. Classroom Management 9 Tips for dealing with a difficult classroom-middle school classroom but many ideas will work at elementary level

Language Arts

  1. Story PropsStory characters from well know stories that you could print out and use for retelling, stick puppets, flannel board, etc.
  2. Dr. Jean Resource page with songs and activities to use with young children
  3. Reading Strategy Video Moving from Picture Books to Chapter Books


  1. Nat'l Geographic Widlife Filmmaker Kids can make their own animal video complete with music and sound in a few easy, quick steps.


Dice Game this could go under SMARTboard as well. It's a video showing how to do a dice addition game on the board. We have the dice with our new software.

Best Practice

  1. Putting the Pieces Together Integrating Technology with Marzano's Instructional Strategies
  2. This is a slide show Presentation done by Angelea Maiers . Be sure to check out her site.

SMARTBoard Sites

  1. SMARTBoard Official SiteGo here for 1000s of activities to use. You can search by grade level or subject area.
  2. Teacher's HubThis also a page from the official site. Here you'll find training resources including 2 minute tutorials on how to use the SMARTBoard.
  3. Class Tools Design your own flash games for free to use on the SMARTBoard
  4. Curriki Global Education and Learning Community You have to register to use this site and it only takes a few minutes. Then you can access over 100 SMARTBoard activities.
  5. SMARTBoard Activities These are from a school in Kansas
  6. Great Sites for Using the SMARTBoard This site if provided by a teacher in Misouri
  7. Activities These are from Kenton County, KY
  8. Smartboard Resources
  9. Smartboard Resources Lots and lots of links to check out.
  10. TeacherLED Interactive Resources for math
  11. Tequipment's Educator Resources
  12. Sandfieds Games Games to use with the SMARTboard. TV type games.
  13. 33 Interesting Ways (and tips) to Use Your Smartboard.
  14. Make Games
  15. Smartboard Resources

Social Studies

  1. Geosense This is an interactive game for the SMARTboard to test student's knowledge of geography.
  2. Timeline You can pick a category (sports, religion, etc.); move the timeline marker to a year; and then get an image and a short description of what was happening at that time. A link will also take you to more information if you want.
  3. Bio for Kids Has short fast paced videos, articles and a quiz on a variety of people.


  1. Florida Center for Reading Research Supplemental Intervention Reading Programs or Comprehensive Intervention Reading Programs